Friday, 11 December 2009

Prince Charming

So during a shoot day at work for oasis we had to shoot the 'Book of Charms' on sale in shops soon...It was so cute and such a good idea it got my thinking of how much i appreciate the ever changing and staple chain & charm.

Im not a fan of the plastic look style ones becoming popular today but im talking about the simple gold/silver charms that can really make an outfit. Myself and my sister have managaed to build up a hefty collection of these ranging in prices sizes and cute designs. One of my favourites is my 'phoebe' necklace brought for my birthday which has broken unfortunatly but will be fixed asap, also my vintage key which i brought on ebay and attached it to a chain :)

peace symbol, my lucky hand i brought in tunisia & my cute urban outfitters chain,

But researching and digging deep into the realms of the world wide web has inspired me to build up the collection more, layering and simply on its own has put me into a slight obsession so ive included a few pictures of desiress, haves and future purchases...


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